Patriot – Friday 110715

We consider a number of different factors when creating a workout. Is there some specific aspect of fitness that it focuses on (strength, endurance, localized muscular endurance, skills, power, power endurance), is it a heavy WOD, is it a long WOD, will it kill one portion of your body or create a general systemic failure, is it awkward implements? If a WOD can check two of those boxes, it is challenging. This one has about five. Sorry folks, this will be hard. High rep, systemic failure, localized muscular endurance, above average on weight. If you are big and strong, the burpees may slow you down. If you are small and fast it is a bit heavy. If you are like most people, the dumbbells will suck no matter what size you are. Happy Friday!!!!

Deadlift (255/170)
DB Push-Press (45/30)

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