Patriot – Monday 110718

This is Aaron writing. Today is my 6 year CrossFit anniversary. Go back to the CrossFit mainsite’s July 18, 2005 post and you will see Fran as the WOD. I didn’t know what a thruster or a kipping pull-up was. More importantly, I didn’t know what “for time” really meant. I couldn’t do any sets unbroken. I never went below parallel. I thought as fast as I could meant no 2 minute breaks between sets. It took me about 18 minutes and I thought I was going to die. I think there were about 20 CrossFit gyms in the world (I might be overestimating) and no CF Games. Somehow this one little WOD in a cobbled together gym in a shitty house in Iraq turned into this. Crazy.

I am giving you a benefit I never gave myself. I am telling you what intensity means. Scale this such that you finish in under 4 minutes. Best to use the same rep scheme, but switch to jumping pull-ups when your pull-ups give out and use a weight that will let you get through all the thrusters with no more than one break per round.

Overhead Squat

Thrusters (95/65)

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