Patriot – Saturday 110806

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Sometimes archive are so long and daunting that you fear them less than some of the shorter ones. I know I can’t go hard this whole workout and I know I will be stopping … a lot. As a result, I am not dreading it as much as Fran or Helen. How fast you accomplish this workout will be determined by how many breaks you have to take on the pull-ups, breaks on the swings, and finally how fast you run (in that order). This is why we do the Unbroken archive and the archive programmed with low enough numbers to encourage athletes to push into the rep zone that builds up lactic acid. Hopefully, when this WOD comes along, you are doing sets of 15 pull-ups instead of 10. The first thing you should scale are reps/distance. Then scale weight, then scale rounds.

5 Rounds
Run 800m
30 KB Swings (70/53)
30 Pull-ups

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