Patriot – Saturday 131214

Strongman class goes at 1pm on Sunday.

“Army Navy”
In teams of four, complete the following (in the order listed). Only two people may work at a time, the other two people will be resting. Break the reps up amongst partners however you like. Try to group yourselves with people that will scale weights similarly
80 Deadlifts while partner holds a handstand (255/165)
80 Burpees while partner holds a front rack (165/105)
80 Pull-ups/Assisted Pull-ups while partner sits at the bottom of a back squat (135/95)
80 Hand Release Push-ups/Knee Push ups while partner holds one DB overhead with one arm (55/35)
80 Thrusters while partner holds support on the rings (95/65)

Try to group yourselves in Go Army, Go Navy, or Go PCF teams.

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