Patriot – Sunday 110703

4th of July Weekend Schedule:

Saturday – normal
Sunday – normal
Monday – 10am and 11am WOD

Saturday – normal
Sunday – normal
Monday – Closed

If we program perfectly and you scale perfectly, everyone will finish a workout within a minute or two of one another in equal states of exhaustion. If you are scaling do not think you should be finishing well behind the fastest people in the class. Scaling will never be perfect, but with some combination of reduced reps and modified movements you should achieve the proper stimulus of muscle fatigue and cardio-respiratory fatigue.

3 Rounds
Run 400m
Rest 1 Minute

1 Burpee penalty for every second you are off of your first 400. In other words, keep the same pace. Burpees to be completed at the end of the 3rd run.


3 Rounds
30/20 Push-ups
20/15 Box Jumps (20)
30 Sit-ups

Post reps and times to comments.

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