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“Paleo Challenge Wrap Up” by Brian Wilson

As many of you know, our Fall Paleo Challenge just ended. Congrats to the Paleo Challenge Powe Couple/Winners: Garrett R. and Karen S. They both crushed it.

If you don’t know how we run the Paleo Challenge, it’s mostly a performance based competition. We rank you on an initial three WODs, your improvement in three WODs, and your before and after photos. Whoever has the best rank combined on all three categories is the winner.

So you have to do well initially, improve, and show some increase in lean body mass (LBM). So as you can see above from Garrett’s photos, he saw a big difference in his LBM. What’s very interesting to me comparing scores within the Paleo Challenge (which you can see here) is that Garrett and Karen went about winning the Paleo Challenge differently. Garrett was first place overall in the initial WOD, and still managed 7th in improvement. So while he did really well initially, he still made a big improvement in four weeks.

Karen was 4th in the initial WODs, and 6th in her improvement. She crushed the photos though (which I’m still harassing her to let me share :)) and that put her over the top.

We tell our athletes in Class 1 of Foundations: “Focus on performance, and aesthetics will come”. We think the Paleo Challenge does a fairly good job of reinforcing this.

We only do these Paleo Challenges 2x/year. If you’re interested in getting started with Paleo sooner, you can check out our quick start guides here or email info@potomaccrossfit.com for info on our Nutritional Consultations.

  • Congratulations to Jason and Chesley of the PCF Competition Team for earning a place on the podium at Team SuperFit DC last weekend! They came in 2nd in their division, with the other teams coming in 4th, 6th, and 9th in their respective divisions. Great job, guys!
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  • Warmup: EMOTM 8 Min
    3 Good Morning Squat
    3 Superman
    Alt: 3 Strict TTB/3 Inchworm Pushup

    RX’d Level II Level I
    Power Snatch
    AMRAP 6 Minutes:
    30 Box Jump 24/20
    20 Calories on Rower
    Rest 2 Minutes
    AMRAP 3 Minutes:
    15 Box Jump 24/20
    10 Calories on Rower
    Power Snatch
    AMRAP 6 Minutes:
    30 Box Jump 20/16
    20 Calories on Rower
    Rest 2 Minutes
    AMRAP 3 Minutes:
    15 Box Jump 20/16
    10 Calories on Rower
    Power Snatch
    AMRAP 6 Minutes:
    25 Box Jump 16/12
    15 Calories on Rower
    Rest 2 Minutes
    AMRAP 3 Minutes:
    10 Box Jump 16/12
    8 Calories on Rower

    Post loads and total rounds plus reps to comments.

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