Patriot – Tuesday 140204

Congratulations to Liz PCF and Ryan PCF on the birth of their son, Connor!!

I’ve talked to several of you recently that have questions regarding the CrossFit Games Open that is coming up starting on Feb 27. The most common question I’ve heard is why should a person compete even if they are not a top performer and don’t expect to actually be in the running for Regionals or the Regionals Team.

We always encourage people that are interested in competing to do so, for a couple reasons. First, it is good experience for everyone to get their skills tested in a competition environment. While we’re always around to call you out on range of motion and to ensure that everyone is performing the movements correctly, it is an entirely different situation to have your own judge monitoring and counting each rep, and ultimately having reps that fall short taken away. It really gives you a sense of what we’re trying to enforce when we give you standards for each movement, and what it takes to truly make each movement completely legit. Second, it gives you an opportunity to see how you measure up not only against our own gym, but against other folks across the region. Finally, competitions are fun and a great way to build camraderie amongst our gym. I still have extremely fond memories of the first competition I attended in VA Beach back in 2008, despite not at all being competitive at the time. If you haven’t seen the PCF Cribs episode, you’re missing out.

Beyond that, you could have the chance to help qualify a Patriot Team to go to Regionals. We get ranked based on the top 3 male and female scores in the gym each week — who knows, one of those scores could be yours!

So, have I convinced you? You can sign up for the Open here. Post to comments or shoot me an email if you have questions.
~ Erika PCF

EMOTM 10 Minutes
2 Deadlifts

100 Burpees
At the top of every minute complete 4 Thrusters (105/65)

100 Burpees
At the top of every minute complete 4 Thrusters (75/55)

80 Burpees
At the top of every minute complete 4 Thrusters (65/42)

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