Patriot – Wednesday 110706

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If you are going to catch a decent amount of weight over your head with your ass so low to the ground it is brushing grass, you need to be strong and confident with it over your head while you are standing up. That is the goal of the snatch grip push-press.

For the second part of today’s WOD, I will get a little more philosophical. The word “Unbroken” is a powerful one in CrossFit. Inevitably, the best way for almost everyone to improve their WOD times is to reduce the number of breaks they take during a set of any given exercise. The first step to an elite Fran time is unbroken sets. My conditioning level may be high, but if I have to break my push-ups during Cindy, I get beat. If this is going to result in you crashing and burning during the WOD, we tell you break things into chunks that will allow you keep going. This is why we program in “Unbroken” archive from time to time. I am programming in you crashing and burning, or coming close to it. Afterwards, while you are laying on the ground trying to flush the lactic acid from your system, you can reflect on the fact that as bad you feel, you emerged Unbroken. For more experienced people at the gym, the entire workout will be unbroken. Less experienced people should focus on not breaking the sets of 10, even if you have to recover a little before you start each exercise.

Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push-Press
4-4-4-4 (70% of 1RM Snatch)

4 Rounds

10 10ft Wallball (20/14) Unbroken
10 Pull-ups Unbroken
10 Box Jumps (24/20) Unbroken

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