Battle for the Capital | Week 5 Update


All right folks, the finals are just around the corner and here’s how things stack up…

  1. Team Patriot Black – 26 pts
  2. Lil Paytwiots – 25 pts
  3. DCF Won – 24 pts
  4. DCF Varsity – 19.5 ptsm
  5. SBTY – 17.5 pts
  6. Potomac Resilience – 17 pts

Week 5 will consist of four stages, culminating with the final event:

  • Prelims
  • Repechage
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals

In order to progress from one stage the next, teams will have to perform well against those in their heat. This will look, and feel a bit like March Madness. Here’s how the day will run.


The first event will consist of two teats.

  • Heat 1: Team Black vs. DCF Varsity vs. Potomac Resilience
  • Heat 2: Lil Paytwiots vs. DC Won vs. SBTY

The top team from each heat will get an automatic bid into the Semi-Finals. The four teams that do not win their respective heats will participate in the Repechage.


The four aforementioned teams will square off against one another in the second event of the afternoon.  The top two teams from the Repechage will advance to the semifinals, joining the two teams that won their heat in the Prelims.

Semi finals…

The top seeded team from the Prelim will face the lower seeded team from the Repechage and the lower seeded team from the Prelim will face the winner of the Repecahge.  The winner of each match will move on to the Finals.

Final event…

Only two teams will qualify for the last event of the Battle for the Capital. This is a winner-take-all scenario.  

Events will continue to be announced in the coming days. Teams, per usual, will need to have a minimum of two male and two female athletes present in order to fully participate.

The Prelims will kick off at 12:30 p.m., so plan to arrive early to begin warming up and be present for workout briefs.