I Don’t Want to Hear it Anymore

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Preferably forever, but absolutely during The Open, no one from PCF is allowed to say the following:

“Yeah, but I scaled.”

Understand? No more. If I or anyone tells you “I’m impressed!” or “Excellent work!” or “That was incredible!” you are not allowed to mention anything about how you scaled or that you scaled. CrossFit is really, really hard… for everyone. Just because you did the workout at 35# and that guy did it at 50# doesn’t mean you worked any less hard or he worked any harder.

Regardless of the weight, the complexity of the movement, the height of the box… I’m quite certain you left your blood, and guts, and sweat, and chalky handprints behind you.

So, knock it off. I don’t care if you scaled to thrusters with a PVC. You worked your ass off, and that should be celebrated.

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