Scoring the 2018 PCF Intramural Open


The PCF Intramural Open is comprised of 8 separate events: the five Open workouts + three non-fitness events.  Here is how each is scored and how overall winners will be determined.

The five Open workouts (18.1, 18.2, 18.3, 18.4, and 18.5) will all be scored as follows:

At the conclusion of each week of The Open, the top two male scores and top two female scores from each team will be pulled, recorded, and compared. With 6 teams that means we will have a spread of 12 men and 12 women.  The top male score will get 1 point, the lowest male score will get 12 points. The same goes for women. Your team’s score on any given workout is the combined total of two male athletes and two female athletes place standing. For example:

On 18.1, Team Potomac Liberty’s top 4 athletes (best 2 men and best 2 women) place among those top athletes as follows:

Female Athlete 1: 7th place (7 points)
Female Athlete 2: 1st Place (1 point)
Male athlete 1: 3rd place (3 points)
Male Athlete 2: 10th place (10 points)
Total points: 21 points

Each of the 6 teams will have a point value, lowest number of points wins (like golf!)

Event 6 is quite a bit simpler:

Whichever team got the most new athletes to sign up for the Open between the night of the Draft and 8PM on February 26th, won.  First place team got 1 point, last place team got 6 points.  As mentioned above, lowest score wins.

Event 7, Spirit of the Open Award:

After Week 3 of the Open, each captain will submit a name of an athlete from their team who think most embodies the Spirit of the Open.  Between the end of Week 3 and the start of Week 4, all participating athletes from Potomac and Patriot will vote (yay Democracy!) for the athlete they think best characterizes a positive attitude, a hard work ethic, is outgoing, encouraging, friendly, leaves their ego at the door, and has the most integrity. The person with the most votes from Potomac and the person with the most votes from Patriot will each win the Spirit of the Open Award. Their teams will tie for first in that event, earning 1 point for their team. All other teams will take 6 points.

Event 8, Community Engagement:

Like event 6, it’s rather straight forward. The team with the most points racked up by the end of week 5 will take first place, earning 1 point for their team. The team with the least points accumulated will take home 6 points.

The Final Standing

Each team will have a point/score for each of the 8 Events (1 being the best, 6 being the worst). We will total up those 8 numbers to come up with a final score, the team with the best (lowest) score will win the 2018 Intramural Open.


Prizes will be awarded to the following athletes:

Patriot First Place Male and Female, as determined by their performance in the 5 Open Workouts
Potomac First Place Male and Female, as determined by their performance in the 5 Open Workouts
Spirit of the Open Award (Event 7) Winner from Patriot
Spirit of the Open Award (Event 7) Winner from Patriot
Weekly Spirit of the Open Award

Note: All coaches, save Colin, Gretchen, and LJ, are eligible for each of the aforementioned prizes. Captains and athletes, do not hesitate to nominate your favorite PCF coach for a Spirit of the Open Awards!

Click here to see the standings. This Spreadsheet will be updated weekly.