What Is The Spirit of the Open?

“What Is The Spirit of the Open?”
By Coach LJ

The last five weeks have gone by in a blur, haven’t they? Well, not really a blur, but more like a nightmare where you’re stuck in clown car full of burpees, thrusters, deadlifts and drinking. All the drinking. This never-ending nightmare of your feet not reaching the standard on the handstand push-ups and maybe never getting to that muscle-up are finally over.

But after you’ve gotten a few massages, resumed your “Paleo” diet and swore off drinking for a week, you’re going to have a mountain of data to pour through. The great thing about the Open is that you get to have a couple of “A-HA” moments. For everyone, and I mean everyone (the best of the best AND all of us mere mortals), there was a workout that happened in the last five weeks that exposed one or two weaknesses. That is a good thing.

You have two options moving forward. The first one, tied to your ego, is complaining about all the reasons why the workout sucked, Dave Castro is awful and those standards and judges were just UNFAIR. In my humble opinion, that’s a terrible option.

But, then there’s the second option that is tied to the desire to be the best version of yourself. You’re going to want to look at where you ended up and learn from it. You now have nearly 365 opportunities to mitigate your weaknesses until the moment you hear Dave Castro’s annoying voice say, “19 point 1…is….”

If you found yourself struggling to reach the standard on the HSPU, now is the time to spend working on your shoulder mobility and stability. If your low-back got fried on the deadlifts, perhaps you were not getting your hamstrings fired up and your form needs a few tweaks. If muscle-ups proved to be a challenge, if you didn’t feel like your row was efficient, or maybe you have a tough time cycling thrusters, etc: these are all good opportunities.

Again we can use this time to reinforce our confirmation bias: that other people simply being more fit than us is out of our control. Or, we can create our own destiny. That’s your choice.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between the sport of CrossFit and CrossFit as a fitness methodology. Most of us don’t have any higher aspirations than being in shape, looking good naked and being able to function properly in case of a zombie apocalypse and/or war with North Korea. Most of us did well in the first two workouts, but when it came time for the higher skill workouts in the final three, it weeded out those who are generally fit and those who are CrossFit-fit. There’s nothing wrong with that and the open is designed ultimately to find the Fittest on Earth.

However, Colin, Gretchen and I are amazed at the level of seriousness and intensity many of you have chosen to use in approaching these workouts and all the time you spent re-doing or trying to hack them. Yet, oftentimes, out of sight can be out of mind. So, on behalf of us coaches, we just wanted to let you know, we are here for you. Book some time with us, we’ll help get you that muscle-up, double under or hack that shoulder mobility. Simply come talk to us, share with us what you learned and what you want to work on and we can help you create a plan.

It’s not about becoming a Games Athlete for most of us, it’s about finding reasons to continue to improve. That’s why we do our jobs, to help you be the best you can be. We’re proud of all the effort you put in to make this Open season one of the best at PCF as it has been a season filled with memories, margaritas and mobility. Let’s keep the spirit of the Open going all year round.