LJ Regine

Head Coach – Patriot

“Pursue virtuosity in functional movement. Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others. Learn new skills – Teach them to a friend. Forge an indomitable body and spirit. Apply character traits learned in the gym to life: Perseverance – Honesty – Integrity – Resilience – Courage – Loyalty – Respect and Service. Be humble. Encourage others.” – Greg Amundson

The above quote perfectly encapsulates my approach to fitness and what I strives for every day as a Patriot CrossFit Head Coach. After finding CrossFit in 2012, I threw myself full-time into the CrossFit world of training, fitness and community and haven’t looked backed since. I began by interning at CrossFit Queens in Astoria, NY and took on personal training clients. From there I obtained my L-1 and grew to full-time CrossFit trainer and sales manager of the gym, with a strong focus on community building — my favorite aspect of CrossFit. I love that we get to workout with our friends and push each other to be the fittest versions of ourselves. I know all the hard work in the gym pays off in other areas of our lives and that really motivates me as a Coach.

In 2015 I took a position at EVF Performance CrossFit Columbus Circle in Manhattan where I introduced a mobility program based on Kelly Starett’s Supple Leopard and built a competition program “Vikings.” I eventually became the “Membership Outreach Coordinator” which basically meant I got to plan cool events to bring the community together.

In 2016, I joined Patriot CrossFit, coaching the evening classes as Head Coach. My job is to make sure you’re having the best experience as possible so if there is anything I can do, please reach out to lj@pcf.fit. For those who want a little extra push, I host a class called Patriot:Overtime on Friday nights at 6:30. It’s not an official offering on the schedule, but if you’re interested in joining us, drop me a line and I’ll tell you a little bit more about it and how to get involved.

Certifications include: