Gretchen Tobias


“In the end we will only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

We live a life that gives us multiple chances to perform incredible things, wither it be sports, literature, photography, whatever it may be for you, do it with the thought of opportunity.

I grew up with the opportunity of being able to try out sports and the competitive aspect of each sport. I fell in love with some more than others, but the competitive side of the sport is what kept bringing me back for more. Later on in life, I was given the opportunity to play NCAA basketball in New York and performed in the Sweet 16. After completing my four years of college basketball and one year of Cross Country I was in much need of that competitive drive again.

After moving back to VA, I came across a group of exhausted athletes running with weights on their backs. After seeing them, I’m pretty sure I joined CrossFit that night. The CrossFit Community has been something so inspiring and incredible for me. The environment is always so motivating and the gains you make are addicting. You will always want more. Being an athlete is something I will always love but I have grown to love coaching even more. Coaching is such a rewarding experience. Helping someone reach beyond their potential is such an incredible thing. I believe that everyone can push themselves harder than they mentally think they can. Don’t regret the chances you could have taken. Live your life to the fullest every second.

L-1 Crossfit Certification
CPR/First Aid Certification