Thursday 181004


Alternating EMOM 12
Min 1: 20ft Handstand Walk
Min 2: Split Squat x 10 each leg
Min 3: Single Leg RDL x 10 each leg
Min 4: Rest

*Sub 20 Shoulder Taps or :30 Handstand Hold for the Handstand Walk
*1 rep = 5 Ft Handstand Walk
*Score is total reps
We have not programming single leg work like this in awhile. Complete the Split Squats and RDLs without any additional weight.
Focus on full range of motion in the split squat, and keeping good hinge technique on the RDL. If you want to make it more challenging, pause at the top and bottom portion of each rep.
The major focus is handstand practice. Think of the lower body work as injury prevention/warm up for the Metcon.


5 Rounds, each for time of:
5 Power Cleans, 135#
10 Front Squats, 135#
5 Jerks, 135#
20 Pull-ups
Rest 90 Seconds
In honor of U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael “Hammer” Bordelon, 37, of Morgan City, LA, died on May 10, 2005
To learn more about Hammer click here