WODIFY is coming 6/18!


In the next few weeks, besides upgrading equiptment, you’ll see some significant changes taking place.

We’re installing the Wodify Core Kiosk – two large monitors and a keyboard – on the wall of both boxes at PCF. It’s a big investment that’s going to make your fitness experience that much better.

Watch this video for more:

Wodify was designed to help you:

 Log into class

 See the workout for the day

 Check your performance history

 Enter your scores

 View the Leaderboard

 Visualize your progress over time

 Hit more PRs


One of the advantages you’ll notice when Wodify goes live is the ability for you to track your performance results both at the gym and on the Wodify mobile app.
There are many benefits to performance tracking, like having a clear picture of your progress.

Wodify makes this easy with visual charts. Every time we program a strength movement or benchmark metcon, you’ll be able to see your performance history after you sign in. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to improve your results.

Logging your results and making them public on the Leaderboard also keeps you motivated and fosters a little friendly competition, which never hurt anybody.


Finally, keeping a record of past performance serves as great motivation to keep coming back and pushing yourself further.
We’re really excited about Wodify and hope that once it goes live, you’ll enjoy the features inside the gym and on the mobile app.
Keep an eye out for an activation email about Wodify delivered to your inbox the week of June 11th! 


Please email lj@pcf.fit with any questions!